Founded February 20, 1852 Port Huron Lodge currently has 207 active members and 83 life members. We meet the First Thursday of every month at 7:30, on the second floor of the Port Huron Masonic Center.
Officers for 2017 are
Worshipful Master ……. Luke Wallace                     Treasurer …………. Daniel Heythaler, PM
Senior Warden …………. Michael Petrick                  Secritary ………….. Mark Olson, PM
Junior Warden …………. John Bozich                        Chaplin ……………. Paul Williams PM
Senior Deacon ………….. Christopher Hammill       Marshal …………… Fred Kemp PM
Junior Deacon ………….. Jon Wiedmann                  Education ………… Clint Sharrard PM
Stewards ………………….. Nathan Pentico, Jeff Semigiliski, Ian Boden,  Richard Schaaf
Tiler ………………………… Randy Tacia PM
Lodge Mason of the Year for 2016
We the Masters and Wardens of Port Huron Lodge No. 58 present and congratulates, Michael Petrick,  who has been selected as our Mason of the Year for 2016. In recognition of his distinguished service and personal contributions of time and effort to Masonic ideals in general and to our Lodge, in particular, Michael has demonstrated by serving this lodge and the craft in an exemplified manner, just and upright in his actions participating when called upon.
A Brief History of Port Huron Lodge #58
Port Huron Lodge # 58 F. & A. M. was born when Brother George B. Engle was appointed Worshipful Master under dispensation by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Great State of Michigan. Opening Lodge on February 20, 1852.
The meetings of Port Huron Lodge were (and still are) held on Thursday evenings each with regular (business) meetings held on or before each “full moon”.
The Most Worshipful Master Neil McMillan laid the cornerstone of our present temple on Thursday afternoon, April 24, 1902.
The Lodge rooms were dedicated and consecrated on January 14, 1903 at a joint communication of Pine Grove No. 11 and Port Huron No. 58 whereby Grand Officers conducted the ceremonies.
Two of our very worthy brethren, Past Masters William T. Mitchell (1861 & 1862) and James Bradley (1891 & 1892) attained the highest Chair in the Great State of Michigan Masonic Grand Lodge that of Most Worshipful Grand Master. Most Worshipful Brothers William T. Mitchell, served as Grand Master in 1878 and James Bradley, served as Grand Master in 1893.
It is with great sympathy and empathy to announce the passing of Worshipful Master Herbert C. Collins Sr. during his time in the East in the year 2000.
This Installation marks the 163th year of Port Huron Lodge No. 58 and the 124th Master to occupy the Oriental Chair of King Solomon in the East.
Past Masters of Port Huron Lodge #58
George B. Engle, 1853, 57 *Chester V. MacDonald, 1923 *Robert L. Hay, 1966
*Laban Tucker, 1854 *Chas. G. Draper, 1924 *Carleton E. Robinson, 1967
*John Miller, 1855 *Herbert Ashley, 1925 *Robert C. Hopsak, 1968
*William L. Bancroft, 1856, 58 *Purl E. Parkin, 1926 *Graydon K. Morrison, 1970
*Fred Wells, 1859, 60, 63, 66, 67 *Mason L. Fish, 1927 *Robert A. Foster, 1971
**William T Mitchell, PM, 1861, 62, PGM 1878 *William M. Edmondson, 1928 *William D. Meakin, 1972
*John L. Newell, 1864, 65, 68 *John S. Duff, 1929 *W. Leonard Cumming, 1973
*John S. Botsford, 1869, 70 *Laurens A. Packard, 1930 *Arthur H. Hurst, 1974
*William Johnson, 1871 -74 *Fred H. O. Hamel, 1931 *John E. Forstner, 1975
*John Chambers, 1875, 76, 77 *Louis F. Shepherd, Jr., 1932 *John C. Jex, Sr., 1976
*Henry N. Botsford, 1879-81, 84 *Lorne C. Black, 1933 Michael L. Booth, 1977
*Robert Steer, 1882, 83 *Arthur Burke, 1934 Paul Williams, PGHP, 1978, 85
*P. F. Hushin, 1887, 88 *Robert C Porter, 1935 *Raymond W. Slumpff, 1979
*Frank E. Wellington, 1889 *Carl F. Schultz, 1936 *L. Richard Good, 1980
*E. H. Bancroft, 1890 *Octavio P. Guerra, 1937 Edward J. Finn, 1981
**James Bradley, PM, 1891, 92, PGM 1893 *Alfred Home, 1938 Dennis E. Patton, 1982
*Frank D. Jenks, 1894 *John A. McCowan, 1939 David C, Wilton, 1983
*Abram G. Herr, 1895 *Shirley R. Busby, 1940 *Robert Merrin, 1984
*Charles Ross, 1896 *George Drought, 1941 Kenneth Koob, 1986
*Conrad C. Casler, 1897 *George L. Battram, 1942 *Jack Adams, 1987
*John W. Taylor, 1898, 99 *Howard McCoy, 1943 Dennis Sharrow, PGHP 1988, 91, 2002
*John J. Bell 1900, 01 *T. Ralph Anderson, 1944 John P Cooper, 1989, 2009
*George .L Harvey, 1902 *Ray E. Seibert, 1945 Harvey Isabell, 1990, 1993
*Gus Hill, 1903 *Kenneth L. Keith, 1946 J. Michael Taft, 1992
*Elmer E. Stockwell, 1904 *Kenneth G. Linton, 1947 Marvin K. Koob. 1994
*Ellsworth A. Adams, 1905 *John H. Dudd, 1948 *William Worden, 1995, 2001
*Walter H Tummonds, 1906 *Harry A. Balmer, 1949 William W. Sendzik, 1996
*Frederick W. Dale, 1907 *Alexis N. Sokoloff, 1950 Jerry O. Hamilton, 1997
*Robert V. Goodrich, 1908 *Alex N. Christensen, 1951 Argo J. Foster, 1998, 2005
*Edward L. Vincent, 1909 *Shirley J. Fearka, 1952 Jeffrey A. Isabell, 1999
*Irving E. McCollom, 1910 *Fred A. Gruel, 1953 ***Herbert C. Collins Sr. 2000
*James F. Logie, 1911 *Leonard E. Wisner, 1954 Michael Frantz, 2003, 04
*Frank G. Cowan, 1912 *Emery J. Miller, 1955 Russell W. Peters, 2006, 07
*John F. Bissett, 1913 *Franklyn E. Miller, 1956 Daniel G. Heythaler, 2008
*William J. Duff, 1914 *Lawrence M. Demmers, 1957 W. Wayne Riedel, 2010
*Lewis T. Bennett, 1915 *Edward J. Sedwick, 1958 William A. Barrett, 2011
*George E. Carpenter, 1916 *John A. Nyquist, 1959 Joeseph Walter, 2012
*Fred J. Dunford, 1917 *Harvey S. Spring, 1960 Mark R. Olson 2013
*Clair R. Black, 1918 John W. Dell, 1961 T. Michael Blair 2014
*William A. Conselyea, 1919 *James H Shoffner, 1962 Donald A.Gardner II, 2015
*Albert O. Anderson, 1920 *Emanuel G. Langolf, 1963 Randy Tacia, 2016
*Paul G. Taylor, 1921 *Alexander W. Kidd, 1964
*Glenn E. Bolton, 1922 *Charles R. Misch, 1965, 69
A Brief History of Fort Gratiot Lodge No. 374, F. & A. M.
Officially became a chartered entity when the Grand Lodge of the Great State of Michigan Free and Accepted Masons granted the Lodge charter in Detroit on January 29, 1885. The Lodge held its inception on February 11, 1884 whereby Brother Charles B. Nimmo was installed as the first Master in 1884 by dispensation of the Grand Lodge of Michigan.
During the life of Fort Gratiot Lodge No. 374 the lodge met in a number of different locations, the First meetings were held in what was then known as the “Edison Building” (demolished) on the west side of Gratiot Avenue 300 feet north of the Blue Water Bridge.
About a year later the lodge rooms were established on the second floor of 2321-2323 Gratiot Avenue., then in 1939 an opportunity to acquire rooms on the second floor of a commercial building (under construction at the time) at 1711 Pine Grove Avenue.
In 1969 through the incorporated sale of association stock of the Fort Gratiot Masonic Temple Association as a method of financing the acquisition of the edifice in the north end of Port Huron from the Missionary Alliance Church of Port Huron at the corner of Ward and Eleventh Street.
In 2007 Fort Gratiot Lodge No. 374 was merged with Port Huron Lodge No. 58, thenceforth became known as Port Huron Lodge No. 58.
The marking of history with the merger of the two lodges took place at a time when the Fort Gratiot lodge No. 374 was with 124 years of existence, 99 Masters occupied the Oriental chair of King Solomon in the East. This installation marks the 104th Master to oversee the works of this great lodge (Fort Gratiot) as we continue working, forward together.
Fort Gratiot Lodge No. 374 was widely known for the annual parade, breakfast, and Entered Apprentice degree on the 4th of July, in 1961 on the 4th of July, Fort Gratiot lodge initiated John Burley Swainson then Governor of the Great State of Michigan and his Farther John A. C. Swainson in . Grand Master Surr of the Great State of Michigan performed the lecture.
 Past Masters of Fort Gratiot Lodge #374
*Charles B. Nimmo, 1884 *Fred A. Knaus, 1935 *John A. Snyder, 1968
*Clark E. Spencer, 1885, – 92 *Archie C, Campbell, 1936 *Frank H. Stokan, 1969
*Charles E. Frink, 1893, 94, 95 *Ralph K. Gillis, 1937 *Robert Burns, 1970
*Clayton G. Brown, 1896 *T. Nelson Tobias, 1938 *Hiram Manning, 1971
*George Cameron, 1897, 98 *William H. Johnston, 1939 Wayne Proctor, 1972
*Charles R. Morrison, 1899 *Malcolm D. Patrick, 1940 *Kenneth H. Dickinson, 1973
*Clark E. Spencer, 1900, 01 *Said M. Touma, 1941 *Walter J. Radigan, 1974
*William H. Watson, 1902, 03 *Allen R. McLane, 1942 *Francis E. Pickeral, 1975
*Clark E. Spencer, 1904 *James L. Farbrother, 1943 *Gary L. Provost, 1976
*George N. Hubbard, 1905, 06 *Wilbur Conquergood,1944 *Carl W. Strait, 1977
*Robert Watson, 1907 *Walter Duff, 1945 *Collin W. Conquergood, 1978
* William H. McDonald, 1908 *Avery Smith, 1946 *Gary M. Jackson, 1979
*William J. Miller, 1909 *Charles D. Gilmore, 1947 *Thomas L. Schmalz, 1980
*Thomas M. Gilmore, 1910 *Jesse H. Pickard, 1948 *J. Warren Shaw, 1981
*George Wenner, 1911 *Albert C. Robbins, 1949 *Howard E. Diem, 1982
*Duncan R. McDonald, 1912, 13 *G. Arthur Waun, 1950 *Stacey Hoffman, 1983
*William N. Powell, 1914 *Leo C. Jackman, 1951 Ralph J. Beerbower, 1984
*Charles A. Iles, 1915 *William H. Dunker, 1952 Gerald A. Campbell, 1985
*W. Russell Pretty, 1916 *Hartsell A. Barber, 1953 Lyle L. Barnes, 1986
*Robert Dornan, 1917 *Albert F Thompson, 1954 Carlos Rodrigues, 1987
*Earl L. Church, 1918, 19 *Harold A. Quintal, 1955 *Dennis H. Adair, 1988
*William J. Small, 1920 *Emil Steinhaus, 1956 *Clifford E. Pettee, 1989
*James L. Farbrother, 1921 *Stanley Townsend, 1957 *Leslie A. J. Caplinger, 1990
*Arthur N. Taylor, 1922 *Milan M. Reynolds, 1958 *Lindel H. Streeter, 1991
*Earl F. Fowler, 1923 *Floyd H. McPhee, 1959 Ernest W. Wisson, 1992
*Walter T. Busby, 1924 James R. Shaw, Jr. 1960 Frederick J. Kemp, 1993, 94
*William J. Eastman, 1925 Allen E. Peattie, 1961 *Robert W. Teeple, 1995
*Mark H. Weichsler, 1926 *Thomas W. Monteith, 1962 Clement V. Wynkoop, 1996
*William J. McManus, 1927 *Douglas V. Appleford, 1963 Keith MacDonald, 1997, 98
*Elmer C. Helwig, 1929 *John H Chidester, 1964 David Weston, 1999, 2000
*W. Stewart Miller, 1930 *Milton F. Hyslop, 1965 *Archie B. Voisard, 2001, 02, 03
*J. Ford Parkin, 1931, 32 *Elton M. Stokan, 1966 A. Ray Thornton, 2004
*William J. Morden, 1933 *James N. Millard, 1967 W. Kevin Dickson, 2005, 06, 07